Wireless Hub & Nodes
for up to 16 sensors

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Enable wireless communication between your sensors and the base unit for a distance of up to 2km (1.2 miles).

Wirless Hub & Nodes specifications:
- communication protocol: LoRa point to point
- max distance with line of sight: 500m
- regulatory approval: FCC, CE
- multiple frequencies for different regions: EU868, US916
- support sensor nodes per wireless hub: up to 16
- wireless hubs per base unit: 1
- wide operational temperature: -40 to +85C(-40 to +185F)
- 0U rack mountable
- DIN Rail mountable with optional DIN Clips
- metal steel enclosure

Nodes specifications:
- continuous power: 12v DC, 24v DC, 5v (USB-C)
- sensors support wireless node: 1

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Upgrade from wired to wireless
By default our InfraSensing sensors are connected with a RJ45 cable to the base unit.

Any sensor can be converted into a wireless sensor with the optional Wireless Node (NODE-LW-1P). The sensor will then transmit over a wireless communication protocol the data a receiving unit (EXP-LWHUB). The EXP-LWHUB is connected to the base unit.
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Wireless Hub
to connect your wireless sensors to the base unit
The Wireless Hub is an expansion hub for the Sensorgateway (base unit).

It connects to the base unit as a regular sensor. It manages the wireless communications between sensor and base unit, that normally use a wired communication.

The wireless protocol being used is LoRa which is a long range and low power communication protocol in the free spectrum.

Unlike LoRaWAN applications, this Hub is 100% on-premises. It is a point to point (P2P) wireless protocol.
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Wireless Node
making your InfraSensing sensors wireless
The Wireless Node (NODE-LW-1P) is an adapter that connects to any InfraSensing sensor.

Out of the box, sensors are connectt to and powered by the base unit.

With the wireless node, a sensor gets its power from the node. The node itself can get its power in multiple ways:
- 24v DC with a terminal block
- 12v DC with a barrel jack for an AC/DC adapter
- 5v DC with a USB-C connector

Each sensor that you want to be wireles needs a Wireless Node (NODE-LW-1P)