Integrating with your software.

InfraSensing Platform Integration with Building Management Systems and Network Monitoring Systems
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SNMP Monitoring Systems
The base units support 2 methods of SNMP:
  • SMP Get: requests can be made to the SensorGateway using SNMP v2 or v3
  • SNMP Traps: you can use SNMP v1 and v3

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Building Management & Automation Systems.
InfraSensing's base units support next to SNMP the Modbus TCP protocol which enables to integrate the sensors with Building Management Systems (BMS)

Modbus User Manual
Modbus logo
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MQTT for industrial IoT platforms
IoT support with MQTT
We've created a special version of our SensorGateway's firmware for customers needing to integrate our sensors with IoT platforms using the MQTT platform.

The custom build firmware supports MQTT versions 3.1. and 3.1.1. via TCP, TLS or TLS_CERT. Supported authentication methods are username or client certificates based.

Contact us for pricing information regarding the MQTT firmware.
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Industrial Control Systems.
The optional Modbus RTU Add-On enables you to integrate the InfraSensing sensor platform with your Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

The RS-485 add-on can be used simultaneously with the SNMP or Modbus TCP protocols.

We also offer RS-485 versions of some of our sensors for direct integration with industrial control systems and 3rd party gateways.

User Manual RTU Add-On Contact us for pricing & more infoon RS485 sensors
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Middleware, scripts and other software

Do you know of another online resource about integrating our sensors with other platforms? Contact us and we'll add it to the list.